Make tracking your progress simple by creating a free Strava account and linking it to your Cheltenham World relay profile. Here's a handy guide:

Once your Cheltenham World Relay fundraising page has been created, you can easily link any Strava account which will then update your distance progress automatically.  If you are taking part in the Relay as a Team or School, you can link multiple Strava accounts to the same fundraising page. 

1) Create Your World Relay Fundraising Page

2) Login to your fundraising profile using the details sent to you via email

3) Navigate to your My Fundraising Page and click the 'Connect with STRAVA' button. 

Note: You may only connect your Strava account to one Cheltenham World Relay fundraising page at a time. However, it is possible to connect multiple Strava accounts to the same World Relay fundraising page, this is to enable teams and other groups to track their progress together. 

4) You will be directed to log into your Strava Account (don't worry, Strava will not pass your username or password details to us). 


5) Once you have logged in to Strava, you will be asked to authorise the Cheltenham World Relay connection.   

Note:  We will only be able to show activities recorded on Strava that are marked as public (so any activities you mark as private won't show here!).  Only your distance, the type of activity (run, walk, cycle etc) and the date will be shown on the Cheltenham World Relay website.  No maps or photographs will be retrieved or shown.  


6) Once you have authorised the connection, you'll be directed back to this website and the following message will appear. 

7) Your fundraising page will also show the connection has been established.

Disconnecting your Strava account

If at any point you wish to disconnect your Strava account, just navigate to 'My Apps' within your Strava settings (or click here) and click the 'Revoke Access' button next to 'Cheltenham World Relay'

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